Freshly produced from both local suppliers and those across the water, UMC boast a top quality range of competitively priced turkey products.

Fresh Turkey

Product NameProduct SpecificationProduct CodePack
Whole BirdIrish whole turkeys, fresh from local Country Down farms.TWHOLEI1 x 4Kg +
Turkey ButterflyFresh / Frozen available Specified origin on requestTBFLYP4 x 4-6 Kg
Turkey SaddlesTSADDLE4 x 4 Kg
Turkey LobesAvailable on requestTBLOBE
Turkey CrownAvailable on requestTCROWN
Turkey ThighAvailable on requestTTHIG

Cooked Turkey

Product NameProduct SpecificationProduct CodePack
Turkey & Ham PortionsPack sizes variedTHSP6-7 GAS4 trays / 6 portions each
Cooked / Gas flushed5 vac packs / 10 portions each
6-7 oz, 7-8 oz, 8-9 oz
Turkey LogWaverly turkey logTCW1 x 10Kg

Please get in touch if you require a product that may not be listed above (Halal product available)

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With only 8 weeks until Christmas day, it’s time to talk turkey! Have you placed your Christmas Turkey order yet? Over three quarters of the UK population plan to tuck into a Christmas turkey dinner. But is there enough turkey to go around? That’s the question at the forefront of our minds as supply and demand issues take their toll.

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Potatoes are the fourth largest food crop in the world following rice, wheat, and maize but historically in Ireland they have played a firm favourite in family dinners. The potato is a complete meal. By itself, the potato contains all the fibre, nutrients and carbohydrates to make it nutritionally sustaining, hence why it was a staple for 8 million Irish in the 1800’s. UMC stock the Peka Kroef range of potato accompaniments – eat a different potato dish every day.

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