Coosters Chicken

Our chicken products are made with 100% chicken breast meat,
because anything less just isn’t good enough.

At Coosters, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients for our products because we are passionate about quality food.

Our coatings have been carefully researched and selected for each product range – from our hot & spicy ‘Kick’n‘ range to our ‘Crunchy Rocky Bites’ in a light crispy batter.

All are pre-cooked and frozen, therefore minimal preparation time is required.  Heat from frozen and Coosters will go from pack to plate in minutes!

Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct CodePack
Crispy Shredded ChickenCrispy strips of 100% chicken breast meat, in a golden batter - ready to eat in minutesCOOCSC
5 x 1 Kg
10 x 550 g
Crunchy Coated GoujonsBattered strips of 100% chicken breast mini fillets in a mouthwatering crunchy coating, that will have you coming back for more!COOCCG5 x 1 Kg
Crunchy Coated FilletChicken breast fillets in a crunchy cornflake style batter, made with 100% chicken.COOCCF5 x 1 Kg
Kick’n Chicken GoujonsFeel the heat! Unmistakeably the best Hot & Spicy flavoured crunchy batter on 100% chicken mini breast fillets.COOKCG5 x 1 Kg
Kick’n Chicken Fillets100% chicken breast fillets steeped in our signature Hot & Spicy marinade and battered to crunchy perfection.COOKCF5 x 1 Kg
Chicken Breast SkewersChunks of 100% chicken breast, perfect for BBQ’s and easily marinated for some extra flavour if desired. 50 G / 100 G availableCOOSK505 x 1 Kg
Crunchy Rocky BitesCrunchy chunks of 100% chicken breast in a rocky style cornflake like batter, perfect crunchy chunks everytime.COOCRB5 x 1 Kg
Kick’n Chicken ChunksGoodness gracious, great balls of fire! Bite size chunks of 100% chicken breast meat coated in our signature spicy kick’n batter.COOKCC5 x 1 Kg
Southern Fried Goujons100% Chicken breast mini fillets in a traditional twist of Southern Fried flavour.COOSFG5 x 1 Kg
Southern Fried Chicken FilletChicken breast fillets produced using only 100% chicken breast meat – in a crunchy southern style coating. Fully cooked and ready to heat and eat in minutes.COOSFF5 x 1 Kg
Coosters Creamy Black Pepper SauceSmooth and tasty, coosters special creamy black pepper sauce recipe is the perfect compliment with our crunchy coated range.COOBPS20 x 480ml

The Heart-Healthy Option

As well as a source of protein, the Coosters coated range can be considered the
‘Heart-Healthy’ option!

Coosters are produced using Soya Bean Oil – compared to other coated cooked chicken products within the market, which are cooked in Palm Oil.

Soya Bean Oil contains less saturated fatty acids than that of palm oil.

Soya Bean Oil is also a source of Vitamin E and Vitamin K!

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