Our range contains a variety of locally and EU sourced pork products. Our high quality pork assortment include both natural and preserved pork products, with a number of lines available both fresh and frozen. Please get in touch if you require a product that may not be listed below

Fresh Uncooked Pork

Product NameProduct SpecificationProduct CodeCatch Weight
Pork LoinPLOIN4 x 5 Kg
Pork Fillet / Pork TenderloinCatch weight / fixed weight availablePFIL10 / case – fixed weight
Pork CollarAvailable on requestPCOLLAR5 / case
Pork Backs160g, 185g and 190g availablePBACK160
Horseshoe GammonPGAMH4 / case
Slipper GammonPGAMSL10 / case
Boned & Rolled Gammon / Convertor GammonPGAM2 / case
Irish GammonSkin on / off availablePGAMMpack = 2 / case
Pork TrimAvailable on requestPTRIM2 VP / box
Pork BurgersFresh / Frozen availableBBURG50 / case
Pork Belly RibsFrozenXPBRIBFR10 x 1 Kg
Pork Loin RibsFrozenXPLR10 x 1 Kg

Cooked Pork

Product NameProduct SpecificationProduct CodeCatch Weight
Cooked HamsSkin on / off availablePHAMS1 x 5 - 8 Kg
Rind on / off available
Julienne availablePHAMJ
1/2 Round Old Time Crumbed HamPHAMOSC1/2

Please get in touch if you require a product that may not be listed above

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