Sourced both locally and from across the water, our hand selected cuts offer consistency, quality and full traceability at competitive prices.

Product NameProduct SpecificationProduct CodePack
RibeyeFresh / Frozen availableBCUBER4 - 6 x 2 - 3 Kg
StriploinFresh / Frozen availableBSTL2 - 4 x 5 Kg
Beef FilletChain on / off availableBFILLET10 x 1.8-3 Kg
Fresh / Frozen available
SilversideBSSIDE3 x 7 Kg
Silverside FlatsPAD availableBSSF4 x 5 Kg
Salmon Cut / Eye RoundBSALCUT4 – 6 x 3 Kg
TopsideBFTOP3 x 7 Kg
PAD Prime TopsideBTOPC1 x 7 Kg
Flat Brisket / Point EndBRISKET4 x 5 Kg
RumpBLDRUM1 x 5 Kg
Single Muscle LMCBLMC5 x 4 Kg
KnuckleBKNU4 x 5 Kg
Beef HeelBHEEL10 x 2 Kg
Chuck RollBCROLL4 x 5-8 Kg
Beef Trim70 – 95 VLBTRIM952 x 10 Kg
Steak Burgers2oz, 4oz, 6oz + GourmetBBUR95On Request
Fresh / Frozen available

Please get in touch if you require a product that may not be listed above

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